D E S I G N E R   C O N C R E T E

Faster installation. Faster cure time.
Faster project completion.

Designer Concrete overlay has a flexural strength of over 3,000 PSI - 3x greater than typical hard surfaces.



Its unique strength and flexibility can adapt to substrate movements making it easier to install in areas that other toppings cannot perform. We use a layer of fiberglass mesh system to create its unique flexibility without compromising durability.  Our product can be installed over most surfaces including plywood, tile, concrete, sound mat, and even distressed substrates.



Our incredible system installs 3x faster with 50% less polishing steps required than traditional concrete systems. Fewer polishing processes means less labour and less costs of diamond polishing tools.  It can achieve a seamless surface for a continuous and leveled application suitable for countertops, hearths, shower panels, garage floors, and more.



Choose from a white finish, beige or gray shades, to a charcoal tone.  We can create a variety of styles and designs to meet your specifications.  Using the right techniques, Designer Concrete can be made to resemble travertine, marble, granite, solid surface, and terrazzo.  The final surface finish can be smooth, honed polished, leathered, and more.  The options are truly limitless!



Designer Concrete can be used for all type of projects:

  • Terrazzo
  • Marble and Tile Finish
  • Floor Coatings
  • Cushion Underlayments
  • Polished Concrete
  • Heated Flooring
  • Concrete Repair and Artistry
  • Custom Concrete Overlays
  • Floor Levelling
  • Garage Coatings

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