Designer Concrete
Overlay System

Flexible cementitious overlay with Flexural strength exceeding 3,000 PSI – unparalleled by any other product which allows us to install over any substrate including Tile, Hardwood, Plywood, Concrete, Rubber Sound Mats, and even commercial carpet. Designer Concrete’s flexible strength allows for a seamless installation without the need for expansion cuts or grout lines, providing self-levelling benefits at the same time, and allows for complete customization of colour and finish.

Designer Concrete is a flexible cementitious overlay that can be customized to any desired look envisioned. It is a poured in place product which allows for seamless floors and countertops. It provides self-levelling at the same time, no need to grout or expansion joints, which allows for faster installation times, significant cost savings, and it can significantly reduce cost overruns and provides a great alternative to other flooring surfaces when cost overruns occur. It even has the ability to be installed over a sound mat, a rubber underlayment which raises the sound transfer rating and also gives the flooring an anti-fatigue, “cushiony” feel.

The installation time required is also much faster as the product cures faster and can be sealed with the coating as soon as the next day after being poured.