DC Hydrocoating is a moisture-wicking sealant that can be combined with Designer Concrete and other porous overlays. Its unique formula allows for water vapour to be released which helps reduce the pressure build-up beneath the surface. This helps eliminate delamination of the coating over time. It can even be applied to damp surfaces including newly set concrete reducing the time spend on a project.  DC Hydrocoating is suitable for production facilities and industrial projects that require waterproof,  slip-resistant, hygienic, and easy to clean surfaces.


Superior and more durable finish for most types of surfaces


Durable for exterior use and as aesthetically pleasing for interior finishes


Substitute for cure and seal system perfect for freshly placed concrete


Grout-free application on Designer Concrete overlay and other porous and non-porous products

DC Hydrocoating’s unique breathability in its chemistry allow for water vapour to pass through it in a solid state.

fewer materials, fewer costs

Compared to conventional 3-system coatings (vapour reduction coating, epoxy coating, urethane top-coat), DC Hydrocoating can achieve a longer lasting, better performing system with half the thickness.

Installer?  Contractor?  Architect?  Designer?

Use DC Hydrocoating on your next product.

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