Designer Concrete®

Premium concrete overlay and coating products for commercial and residential projects in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.


Designer Concrete®

Designer Concrete® is a flexible cementitious overlay system that can be applied on both interior and exterior surfaces. It’s a self-leveling, decorative flooring system that can be stained and sealed to create any design you can imagine. Designer Concrete® can be installed seamlessly in commercial and residential environments including new-built, refurbishing projects, offices, restaurants, showrooms and warehouses, institutions, and parking garages.


Designer Concrete®’s flexible compound has 3 times more bend strength than any regular substrates that adapts to movements making it easier and faster to install over any type of area.


There’s no need to spend time removing old surfaces. Our product can be poured-in-place over existing concrete, tile, and even hardwood.


Can be combined with Hydrocoating or similar top-coat and sealants to maintain a safe and environmentally friendly floor to control surface delamination and prevent allergens.


Designer Concrete® can achieve seamless designs in various colours that looks and feels like polished concreted, terrazzo, and even marble stones.



Hydrocoating is a multifunctional concrete coating that can replace traditonal epoxy and urethane sealant systems. Its unique chemistry is robust, longer-lasting, and an overall better-performing floor coating that can be installed in half the thickness without sacrificing the durability or weatherability of the product.


Our two-part formula is available through our local dealers.
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DC Hydrocoating’s chemistry uses an exclusive resin that outperforms traditional epoxy and urethane coatings achieving a much higher quality and durability in half the thickness.


Most projects require multiple coatings or a thicker film application entrapping water underneath the substrate which causes flaking and delamination over time.  DC Hydrocoating’s moisture-wicking properties release humidity while providing waterproof protection for longer-lasting and more durable floors.


Hydrocoating eliminates the need for costly Relative Humidity (RH) testing and installation processes.  It can be applied over freshly placed concrete to increase substrate stength and reduce cracking and salt build-up.


DC Hydrocoating’s durable finish can be used over multitudes of surfaces as a clear coat or tinted with any colour of choice. Grit and anti-slip features can also be added to the product for different project needs. It has excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and UV light making Hydrocoating an ultimate substitute for conventional coatings.


image of a shiny residential concrete floor

Polished Concrete

Using the most advanced floor polishing tools and equipment, our experienced team of artisans will provide you with the polished concrete finish you envisioned, from a low to a high gloss finish that never needs waxing or coating.  Polished concrete flooring is easy to clean, energy-efficient, hypoallergenic, and extremely great for all applications.

construction workings pouring white concrete floor

Floor Leveling

We have years of experience repairing cracked, uneven, and damaged flooring. Using our proprietary self-leveling overlay systems, we can achieve a smooth and even surface over new and old concrete, tile, laminate, and stone floorings.  Our proven repair and resurfacing methods can bring your flooring back to life.

Floor Removal Alternative

With Designer Concrete, there is no need for costly and time consuming floor removal process. Our overlay system can be installed directly over existing hardwood, vinyl, ceramic and porcelain tile, concrete, marble tiles, and even carpet.

design rendering of a space

Project Rendering

To help you bring your vision to life, our design team can create space renderings based on your aesthetic preferences and desired levels of finish. We also provide product and material recommendations to suit your project needs.


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